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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Injection Molding Machine has Finally Arrived
15 days ago – Fri, May 10, 2019 at 03:12:42 AM

Our Injection molding machine finally arrived! 

The 160 ton Tederic injection molding machine can shoot between 4 and 8 rampage tiles per cycle. From left to right you can see the Dryer, Chiller, Temp. Controller, and the Beast itself!

It took a bit longer to get the machine then we had originally planned. We had hoped to have it February, but between the manufacture waiting to restock a few parts for the build, and longer then usual overseas shipping times, we received it May 7th.(ouch those higher than usual tariffs hurt.)

Now we can get down to business and start shooting Rampage tiles. Over the next three weeks we will be setting up the molding machine, (running 480v power & water cooling lines)plus start running tests. Ken from Protoquick wanted to confirm all molds made would work on both our machine and his. Now he can finish up a couple tweaks to the molds. We will be able to show you the first products at the beginning of next month, and from then on we can produce about 7,000-10,000 tiles per day.

Once we start shooting the tiles, everything should start moving quickly, and we will be able to give you a more accurate delivery time-frame. At this point we believe to be behind on the August shipment date. Based on our production planning, we should be shipping out closer to December of this year. Since we own the machine ourselves, we will be able to run it day and night to produce Rampage faster than the original production time line.

We will keep you up to date as we start loading up the machine and shooting Rampage.

Having a machine in house, puts us in a great place for this KS and future Kickstarters. We will have more control of product restocking, future designs, and shorter fulfillment times for upcoming projects. There is already talk for expansion of a second machine.  

Thanks for helping us bring this project to life, with the ability to manufacture it locally and in house!

Jamison and the AOD team


Family Molds with Swappable Plate & Manufacturing
2 months ago – Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 02:36:09 AM

Hey everyone,   We have been busy working with the CAD & molding engineers on the Rampage technical set up.   

Family molds with Swappable plates

After consulting with Ken from ProtoQuick, we decided to create multi cavity family molds with swappable face plates for the OpenLOCK locking system. These molds are more complex to produce but the production runs will be faster. It also sets up Rampage OpenLOCK for the future product lines. Swappable face plates add complexity to our design but make our production time faster. This means we have one MUD for each OpenLOCK tile type with swappable face plates inside the MUD. We can change out the face plates easily and mix and match which type of tile we want to produce. A bit more up front design time and tests to make sure the system will work with the full OpenLOCK system, but well worth it.   


Injection molding begins slightly later than originally planned,  April. Injection molding and painting will carry on through the end of June as planned.  Using outside investment, we have purchased our own 160 TON injection molding machine that can handle the multi cavity molds, and much larger molds for future products. That way we can shoot pieces at ProtoQuick on their machines, and in our own facility on our machine at the same time. Everything is on track, can't wait to show everyone the molding system.   

Next update will include the packaging, molds, and some production samples.   

Jamison and the AOD team.

Last call for the Rampage Dungeons Backerkit
4 months ago – Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 12:19:00 AM

Rampage Dungeons Backerkit closes 1st February

Since the end of the Kickstarter we have been busy working on the the molds, logistics and packaging for the Rampage Dungeon tiles. We plan to have the first set of molds ready by the end of February and production in full swing by the end of March

We now need to lock down the exact numbers of all the tiles that we require for the production run and so we need everyone to complete their Backerkit.

Click here to go to the Backerkit

If you haven't already done so, please complete the Backerkit by Friday the 1st February.

Final designs and molds

We are currently working with Proto-quick to produce the molds. We should be able to show you the first set of floor molds within a week or two.


Injection molding begins in March at our factory in California. Injection Molding and painting will carry on through until June.


The packaging will arrive at our California warehouse in May. The Rampage tiles will be packed into sets and then into a larger 'shipping box' ready for fulfillment.


Fulfillment will be done directly from Quartermaster Logistics in the USA. Europe fulfillment will be via Quartermaster Logistics as well, but shipped from the European Hub.  Australia and NZ will be handled by Aetherworks.

Thanks again for your fantastic support. Next update will include molds, samples and packaging design.

Jamison and the AOD team.

The Pledge Manager is now Live!
6 months ago – Wed, Dec 05, 2018 at 01:18:11 AM

Thanks everyone for your patience, the smoke test went well and the Pledge Manager is now live for everyone. 

Once logged in you will see your pledge is selected, and any additional funds are listed as credit to be used on add-ons. You will also be able to change your main pledge at this point as well.  


Jamison and the AoD Team

Pledge Manager Smoke Test is Live!
6 months ago – Tue, Dec 04, 2018 at 01:00:14 AM

Hello everyone, 

We just sent out a smoke test for the Pledge Manager, and are waiting for the initial responses. The smoke test randomly picks 5% of our backers and sends them the Survey/Pledge Manager link. If we get enough responses tonight and everything looks good, we will send out the other 95% later tonight. 

Jamison and the AoD Team